Luxury houses Benissa Spain

Luxury houses Benissa
Luxury houses Benissa

Luxury houses Benissa

New construction luxury houses on the coast of Benissa, a booming sector for teleworking

The pandemic has completely changed our way of choosing homes and with it our preferences, we want you to decide how you want to live and how you want to share the space with yours, spacious, bright and functional homes with all the comforts and with spaces to telework.

Many Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca clients have a young married couple who are looking for a quiet and well-connected place to live and telecommute.

José Luis Nieto, Managing Partner of Holidaydream, points out in this regard that it is essential “to have a good internet connection and to have one or more spaces in the home that are ideally specific for teleworking or that are multipurpose. They must have good lighting and ventilation and ideally the possibility of isolating themselves to favor concentration ”.

Likewise, there has also been a change in customer demand, who are now looking for houses with larger green areas, connection to the outside and larger terraces. “You are fleeing from the closed apartment to open yourself up to the outside. Gardens are also becoming increasingly important as we have all realized that we spend many hours in them and they are 'the green room' in our house, ”explains Sonya Gonzalez, CEO of Holidaydream.

Teleworking, from the Holidaydream point out that there are many countries that have years of advantage over Spain and, thanks to this, a reactivation of the residential market has been observed with clients who seek to work from home in an environment that provides them with greater and better quality of life.

"The coast of Benissa and its surroundings are an ideal place for this, with more comfortable residences with larger outdoor spaces and the possibility of leisure".

Regarding the client profile, everyone agrees that the high-end sector on the Costa Blanca is basically covered by a middle-aged profile with children, who can all move because they are small, professions with a strong technological content , own business or the so-called 'digital nomads'.

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