What are contracts Arras / Reserve housing?

What are contracts Arras / Reserve housing?

What are contracts Arras / Reserve housing?

What are contracts Arras / Reserve housing?

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The Arras / Reserve contract is a private contract where the owner and the buyer agreed between through a document subject to the sale of goods or property through the delivery of an amount of money (signal) to ensure that such property / property is Reserve for that same buyer. It is a type of pre-contract.

There are three types of contracts:


The buyer delivers an amount as proof of the conclusion of the contract or guarantee of its execution that will be subtracted after the final price. If one party fails, the other party may claim compliance with the contract or its resolution and compensation for damages.


Also called withdrawal. Either party may withdraw from the contract, being the only type of these contracts that allows it. If it is the buyer, you will lose the delivered amount. If it is the seller, then you must return the amount you have received in duplicate.


The compliant party has the option of demanding compliance with the contract, with the corresponding compensation for damages, which must be proven by the party whose expectations have been frustrated, or resolve the contract where the damages are a penalty.

In case of non-compliance, the debtors may have to be returned doubled, but unlike the penitential ones, only if the parties have agreed.
It is very important to have these concepts clear if you sign a lease agreement, both by the seller and the buyer and both must know their rights and obligations.