The Spanish health system is the best in Europe

The Spanish health system is the best in Europe

The Spanish health system is the best in Europe

Bloomberg. By Lee J Miller and Wei LuThe annual ranking compiled by Bloomberg covers 56 national health services in total. Once again, the Spanish health system is the best in Europe, it is official. The state medical services in Spain are the third most efficient in the world, surpassed only by those of Hong Kong and Singapore, respectively.

Even some countries in the European Union are doing very poorly in the Bloomberg ranking of 56

Germany with 45, Denmark with 41, Belgium with 38, United Kingdom with 35, Austria with 32, Czech Republic with 30, Holland with 28, Poland with 24 and even Sweden with 22, and the vast majority of the 56 countries in the list having seen a fall in their classification compared to last year, it may seem that Spain does not have much competition.

Finland, Portugal and France do not manage to be among the top 15, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland and Norway do not reach the top 10.

But Spain, with an efficiency score of 69.3 out of 100, ahead of 67.6 in fourth place in Italy and 67.4 in South Korea, beats Japan (64.3, in seventh place, by under the fifth of last year), and Australia (62, in eighth place, beyond last year’s 10, as well as Israel and Taiwan, the only other countries that achieved scores with an efficiency higher than 60%.

Although Bloomberg is far from the 85.6% of Singapore and the 87.3% efficiency of Hong Kong, Spain is still by far the best in the continent of Europe and the European Union.

Spanish residents live longer in the EU

Life expectancy in Spain is the highest in the EU with 82.8 and the fourth highest in the world.