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Portet Moraira


As a result of the recent storms on the Levantine coast sand is being added in areas where there was no beach naturally, causing a serious impact on the meadows of posidonia oceanica.

In the case of the Portet de Moraira (Teulada), the Coastal Service of Alicante began last week the discharge of 8,000 tonnes of quarry land of great granulometry and high clay content, turning a beach of narrow origin and fine sand , On an earthy beach with brown and turbid waters.

The beach of Portet de Moraira has always been a rocky beach with few meters of sand and numerous meadows of posidonia oceanica very shallow with rocky reef. The introduction of land-based sand into these shores where there were no natural beaches could have an irreversible impact on this protected ecosystem (1).

There is also talk of a possible project to expand the Portet beach in which we want to add 50 meters more sand, with the aim of expanding the space to be able to accommodate more tourism. This project is being drafted in the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, declared by the United Nations, somewhat incongruous.

If you want to stop these actions that affect the ecosystem of our coasts and are destroying our beaches, SIGN THIS PETITION!


1. Order of January 23, 1992, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries: Art 1: ‘Prohibit, in the waters of the Valencian Community, the destruction of seagrass beds of seagrass, because they are areas of fishing interest’.

This request will be given to:
Town hall of Teulada Moraira
Ministry of the Environment