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The final of MasterChef7 in Dénia

The final of MasterChef7 in Déniaénia

The final of MasterChef7 in Dénia

The final of MasterChef7 in Dénia

Next Tuesday, June 25, Dénia will host the final of the seventh edition of the television program MasterChef7 (which was recorded in Dénia). Thanks to Quique Dacosta, the 3-Michelin-star chef, the final phase of the MasterChef final is held in Dénia for its status as the Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

In the program that can be seen next Tuesday June 25 on TVE1, where the renowned chef Quique Dacosta has been the host and has made the menu that the three contestants have played in the restaurant kitchen El Poblet.

The television program MasterChef7 is directed by Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo Nágera and Pepe Rodriguez.

DNA Gastronomic Festival of Dénia de Quique Dacosta

D*NA Gastronomic Festival of Dénia de Quique Dacosta

DNA Gastronomic Festival of Dénia de Quique Dacosta

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DNA Gastronomic Festival of Dénia to be held on 30 September and 1 October 2017 on a biannual basis will bring together renowned chefs such as Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca), Ángel León (Aponiente), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) and Jordi Cruz (ABaC), among others, producers, artisans and other professionals of the gastronomy to discover and taste the Mediterranean cuisine.

DNA intends to transmit the “The pleasure of living life” as a differential value of the Marina Alta region on the Costa Blanca North.

DNA is an original idea by Quique Dacosta. Chef, spokesman and gastronomic curator of the event.

Very few tourist destinations in the world have climatic, geographical and landscape values ​​such as those in Dénia. To this we add a raw material of enormous quality, both the sea and the orchard and a tradition extremely alive, we are faced with the ideal conditions to consolidate Dénia as a world-class gastronomic destination.

DNA will also serve to publicize the distinction of Denia as Creative City of Unesco Gastronomy. An important recognition of its model of local food ecosystem, based on the preservation of the territory and respect for the environment as well as the fusion of science and cuisine with innovative character.

Visiting Dénia on the Costa Blanca North Alicante in Spain is a pleasure for the senses, a festive experience where it is possible to enjoy the natural and cultural wealth of a communicative and hospitable people.

Video D*NA Gastronomic Festival of Dénia de Quique Dacosta

The Russian television is fixed in the gastronomy of Dénia and Marina Alta

The Russian television is fixed in the gastronomy of Dénia and Marina Alta

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Dénia and Marina Alta hosted the recording of the Russian television show Delicious Planet between 24 and 27 March.

Delicious Planet is broadcasted on the My Planet chain, and is one of the most-watched gastronomic shows in Russia and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Baltic and Central Asia, with more than 75 million viewers.

The program team, accompanied by Dénia Tourism staff, recorded at the restaurant Quique Dacosta, where the chef cooked one of his star dishes this year.

Shooting continued in the fish market in Denia, where the fish auction, the historic center, the Cap de Sant Antoni and various tourist attractions of the city were recorded. The filming ended at the restaurant Al Forn, where chef Diana Cervera showed the elaboration of the traditional coconuts of the Marina Alta.

6th International Contest of Creative Cuisine of the red prawn of Dénia

Red Prawn of Dénia

The red prawn of Denia returns to the Municipal Market

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The bars of the Municipal Market of Denia, will serve Red Prawn of Denia, in the previous to the 6th International Contest of Creative Cuisine of the Red Prawn of Denia that will take place next February 28.

More than 70 chefs from different Spanish autonomous communities as well as international chefs arrived from Bali (Indonesia), Bergen (Norway) and Parma (Italy), these last two, also Creative Cities of Gastronomy such as Denia.

The presence of a prestigious jury presided over by Julia Pérez, a gastronomic critic and author of the Gastroactitud blog; And which also include José Carlos Capel, journalist, gastronomic critic and director of Madrid Fusión; Santos Ruiz, manager of the D.O. Rice of Valencia and author of the blog Gastroblog; Jesús Terrés, gastronomic critic and director of Guía Hedonista; Fran Martínez, cook of Maralba, in Almansa; Alberto Ferruz, cook of Bon Amb, in Xàbia; Pedro Morán, of Casa Gerardo and Begoña Rodrigo, chef of the Valencian restaurant La Salita. Also this contest counts from its origins with the collaboration and the support of Quique Dacosta.

Those selected for the grand finale are Antonio Villaescusa, from the restaurant Maestral (Alicante); José Primo, from La Borda d’Costa (Port of Sagunto); Lorenzo Anchelergues, from Lillas Pastia (Huesca); Ismael Cano, Sale of Sotón (Esquedas-Huesca); Antonio Rubio, from Mesón Campero (Linares-Jaén); Hugo Sabater, from El Bohío (Illescas-Toledo); José Luis Adán, from Benares (Madrid); José Carlos Lóez Gámiz, from the restaurant Origin of José Carlos Gámiz (Puigcerdà-Gerona).

This initiative is launched by the Mercat Municipal and the Fishermen’s Guild, with the support of the Councils of Tourism and Markets, and the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Businessmen of the Marina Alta (Aehtma), with the aim of reinforcing the Mercat’s link with this event, held for the sixth consecutive year in the central area of ​​Plaça, and make accessible the star product of the contest to citizens.