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Costa Blanca North: between the “Brexit” and the investment funds

Costa Blanca North: between the “Brexit” and the investment funds

The future of the housing market in Costa Blanca North will come mainly determined by the economy, and not only by the country itself, but by the international one.

Two factors already influence the incipient real estate recovery: investment and “Brexit“. Thus, investment funds have also been influenced and energized by the Socimis and the resurgence of new developments of new construction the residential market of Costa Blanca North

On the Costa Blanca North, the investment is noticeable in the recovery of the promoter activity, with the reactivation and start-up of new residential projects, while the “Brexit” seems to be more noticeable in Costa Blanca Norte, a leading leader with 4,391 Homes sold to foreigners in 2016.

In the North Costa Blanca, there are areas like the Marina Alta, where the British population loss has opened the debate, and depending on who is asked, is the “Brexit” or simply a change of cycle.

What is going on with the British on the Costa Blanca North?

Nothing is happening. There is no British exodus on the Costa Blanca Norte, only a few censors inflated for political reasons, “says Sonja Dietz, president of the Business Circle of Marina Alta. “Our businesses have not been affected, not even the real estate. In fact prices are rising. The only thing we have noticed is that the cheap housing in the area is over and that has slowed the arrival of new residents a bit, “Dietz says