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There is no a product as red prawn Dénia

Red prawn of Denia

There is no a product as red prawn Dénia 

Author: Jesús Terrés | 03/31/2017

There is no product in the world like the red prawn of Denia. There is not. And I say it without a trace of doubt or trembling voice: the shrimp (red) slightly boiled with water from the Mediterranean sea is the nirvana of the gourmet.

The blame (in part) is the 6th International Creative Cooking Contest of the red gamba of Dénia. As every year, cooks (and cooks) to the last corner of Spain came to the market in Denia, a few meters from that market fish that is not a fish market: it is a state of soul.

I went as a jury, to the verge of Begoña Rodrigo, Jose Carlos Capel, or Alberto Ferruz (so up to seven gambófilos) as fascinated as the above signatory by the scarlet beast of generous mustache. Alberto (chef of the restaurant Bon Amb in Xàbia with two Michelin Stars), why this love? Why do you think it is such a special product? “Because it is the damsel of the Mediterranean Sea, the emblem of a city like Denia and the rest of the region (Marina Alta), also because it is an excellent product by which ports and cooks are known, and because it is in the DNA of So many people here. “