Fallas in Dénia 2019

Fallas Dénia 2019

One more year the parties of the “Fallas Dénia” are here

The next days 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 March a total of eleven Fallas commissions plant the Fallas in Dénia.

The important days of Las Fallas begin with the “plantà” or planted fallas, which is March 15 and from that day these parties are very intense until the night of San José, on March 19 where the “Cremà” announces the end of the party.

The parties are lived every day in the street with “parades”, “mascletaes” (rockets), music, popular dinners and dinners, fireworks and lots of fun.

• The “Plantà”: Placement of the Fallas monuments in the different Districts.

• The “Mascletà”: A large number of rockets are fired in each Fallero District at approximately 2:30 p.m., filling the city with noise and gunpowder.

• The “Parades”: The falleros walk the streets dancing with the accompaniment of the band of their fault.

• The Floral Offering to the Virgin of the Desamparados: One of the main acts, where the falleros dress with their best costumes and go in procession to the Virgin with bouquets of flowers, which they deposit in their mantle.

• The “cremà”: The faults are burned, concluding the Fiesta. First the infantile faults are burned, to give way to the faults of greater volume. In Dénia not all flaws burn at once, they burn progressively. This allows tourists and residents to enjoy the cremà of different Fallas.

Link to the official program of the Fallas 2019 Dénia