COVID-19 Measures taken by Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca

COVID-19 Latest news from Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca

In solidarity with the medical and service personnel who today work intensively for our safety and health throughout society, Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca is strictly complying with the obligations related to social distancing and the reduction of physical contact.

We consider it vitally important that each of us take individual and collective responsibility to keep the level of coronavirus infection low on the Costa Blanca.

Fortunately, we have not had any case of contagion and we will contribute in everything necessary to keep it that way. Our work areas are very quiet and have nothing to do with big cities.

Until the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease is solved, since May 11 we can make appointments to visit our properties under construction or for sale and with the aim of protecting the owners, residents, customers and ourselves.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Measures taken by Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca

You must always comply with the following prevention regulations:

1. Appointment confirmed before any site visit (by mail or phone)
2. Wear a face mask and gloves (optional but recommended)
3. Maintain a safety distance of min. 1.5m at all times
4. Keep the appointment and subsequent appointments of the tour in your own vehicle
5. Maximum of 4 people at the same time inside the property

More information: WHO (World Health Organization) Ministry of Health Spain

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish everyone good health and a quick end to the current situation.

We wish you the best and we urge you to contribute to the mutual support and health of our most vulnerable population during this time.

Together we will get through this quickly.

Sonya González y José Luis Nieto

Managing Partners / Personal Shoppers
Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca

Sonya 00 34 678 534 938 ,

José Luis 00 34 678 959 272