Construction system “high energy efficiency” with Polyblock EPS

Construction system “high energy efficiency” with Polyblock EPS

Construction system “high energy efficiency” with Polyblock EPS

Author: Real Estate Agency Holidaydream

From today we started to collaborate and bet on companies that use “high energy efficiency” construction system with Polyblock EPS.

It will be mandatory according to EU regulations from 2020

Resistant earthquake, thermal and acoustic insulation of excellent performance, structural resistance and high comfort of use of the finished building.

It is based on the use of a lost formwork formed by panels of EPS of high density, that united to each other, form the geometry of enclosures and structural divisions …

Energy savings of 70% because the house works with an indoor microclimate with temperatures that do not oscillate more than + -5 º C.

With all this plus the extraordinary carpentry with thermal bridge and special crystals, the energy certification is A.

The time in execution is of 5/6 months keys in hand, what reduces a 65/70% in time of execution with respect to the traditional constructive system.

We design and build homes under criteria of  “high energy efficiency”, our homes are prepared to offer a maximum energy rating of type A +, all our homes have the following advantages:


The walls form a continuous structure of reinforced concrete, with an interior thickness of 15 cm. It conveys an extraordinary structural strength and great versatility. It has excellent behavior to seismic movements, land settlements, explosions, hurricanes, etc.

It is also fire retardant, impermeable from inside to outside as from outside to inside, without any cracks or cracks in finishes.

The EPS is used as a formwork lost during the construction process, and remains in the structure as an insulating element, both inside and outside the building, forming a wrapping that ELIMINATES THERMAL BRIDGES.


The constructive system favors an absolute flexibility of project thanks to a complete range of special pieces, which solve all the facade encounters.


The system allows any type of finish, both interior and exterior. Tiles, Pladur, Enamelled type SATE, stone brick seen, etc.


Since it consists of EPS (does not contain or have ever contained CFCs or HCFCs), all wastes during construction can be recycled, being a non-polluting material. Research has shown that energy efficiency initiatives in the construction sector are among the most cost-effective measures available to policy makers seeking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Its manufacture and use does not imply any effect on the degradation of the Ozone Layer. Increasing your insulation levels can reduce the energy requirements of buildings.


Optimum insulation (Thickness = 15 cm U = 0.18) enables savings of up to 50-70% in heating and cooling, compared to traditional systems, combined with efficient climate control systems, use of renewable energy and criteria of Design, allows to achieve the highest energy classifications.